In times of crisis, people become oversaturated and overwhelmed with information, leaving most people uneasy, confused and often misinformed. The current coronavirus pandemic is no different. Wealth advisors are in a unique position to serve as a source of reliable, relevant information for client families, and build stronger relationships by calming fears and uncertainty for families about their wealth.

To help advisors learn the secret of crafting content that cuts through the noise, television host and author Miranda Khan recently sat down for a virtual discussion with Rosemary Denney, president and chief brand strategist at Wealth Matters Consulting. During this conversation, Denney answers the questions that many advisors might be too afraid to ask, including:

  • How to determine the right content to produce for your specific audience
  • How to cut through the noise and stand out amongst your peers
  • Why it is more important now, more than ever before, to get in front of your clients and prospects
  • The most creative ways to grab someone’s attention and keep it
  • How advisors can connect and build trust digitally with clients and prospects

During this unprecedented time, your clients and prospects want information from sources they recognize and trust. For questions on how to put these strategies into practice today, contact Wealth Matters Consulting.