With the coronavirus raging on, more people are stuck at home and in front of their screens than ever before. People’s reliance on the digital world is rapidly growing – and the need to appear on the first page of Google is growing with it. A staggering 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, with 75% of people never scrolling past the first page of results. This makes the digital information landscape even more competitive as RIA firms scramble to solve the SEO mystery. If your RIA firm isn’t at the top of Google’s search results, you risk losing a connection with a potential client who may be actively searching for an independent advisor or searching for your firm specifically.

If your advisory firm is struggling to appear on the highly sought first page of Google results, there are steps you can take to improve your Google ranking status. Below we explain a few of the most common reasons for poor search rankings and share our top tips from years of working with RIAs to increase their search engine visibility.

Reason #1: Website Is Poorly Optimized

Search engine optimization, more commonly referred to as SEO, involves a broad spectrum of complicated factors. But, as its name suggests, it is also essential for getting your RIA advisory firm on the first page of Google results. SEO is defined as the process of optimizing a website so it will appear in prominent search result positions. To have great SEO, your website needs the following: relevant keywords, mobile responsiveness, outbound links and backlinks, title tags, meta descriptions and alt attributes. Unsure what all these crazy words mean? Below are some brief definitions to get you up to speed:

  • Keywords: The words and phrases in web content that helps people find your website on search engines.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: The ability for your website to adapt based on the size of the screen it is presented on.
  • Outbound Links: the links that direct people to another page or website.
  • Backlinks: Also known as an inbound link, these are links that direct people to your website.
  • Title Tags: The title search engines use when displaying search results. These should always be keyword optimized.
  • Meta Descriptions: The description of your webpages that appears in the search results.
  • Alt Attributes: The text that describes a website picture for search engines.

Reason #2: Lack of Valuable Content

Another reason why your website may not be on the first page of Google search results is that it does not have enough quality content. This means content that is relevant, timely, interesting and regularly published.  Google’s primary function is to match the user (the person searching) with the most relevant and complete information available. If you want your firm’s website to be found, it is a good idea to provide strong content. Luckily, financial advisors can create different types of content for their website including videos, commentaries and webinars. Just make sure any content you produce is SEO optimized for maximum results.

Reason #3: Google Ads Can Help

The top three positions on Google are reserved exclusively for companies utilizing the Google Ads feature. As a result, those advisors who rely solely on organic results may miss out on an effective opportunity to get on the top of the first page of Google. The only caveat of Google Ads is that there is a cost involved. Although you are able to create your own budget, the process is complicated and requires someone with knowledge and experience using the platform to get the most bang for your buck.

Tools Available To You Now

There are many tools available to measure the effectiveness of your website as it is now. These online resources can help you assess your website and understand the areas that need attention to raise its potential impact. A few are listed here:

In a time when digital presence is more important than ever, your firm cannot afford to appear on the second, third or fourth page of Google.  To climb in the search engines and start marketing your firm, you can get started with these simple steps so your potential clients can find you when they need you.

If you have questions or want to connect to discuss your website or marketing strategy, contact us to get the support your firm needs today.