Welcome to Wealth Matters Consulting’s 3 Minute Marketer series – your quick guide to mastering wealth management marketing and communications. Get key insights in under three minutes as we explore critical topics for busy wealth managers. Our CEO and founder, Rosemary Denney, shares valuable tips on marketing, business development, communications, brand building, growth and media exposure. With decades of experience working with top firms, she offers practical resources to enhance client relationships and expand your business.

Today, we’re tackling the hot topic of AI and how to integrate it into your marketing strategy. AI can be a tool to boost efficiency, speed up workflows and provide valuable insights. While AI won’t replace human touch, it can greatly enhance your marketing efforts. There are several ways that AI can help you get things done in your marketing strategy, like these:

Market Research: AI helps you stay on top of trends and market data, allowing you to create content that really engages your target audience and connects with them more deeply.

Content Creation: Whether it’s writing commentaries, video scripts or social media posts, AI can help speed up the process and get you 75% to 80% of the way there. You still need to guide and edit, overcome writer’s block and be sure what you have created is content that is tailored for your audience.

Content Adaptation: Use AI to repurpose existing content for different objectives or audiences. Content that is more specific can increase consumption by up to 26%, and just simply modifying an email’s subject line can boost open rates by more than 70%.

Bottom line: Don’t shy away from using AI in your marketing; rather, consider working with it to stay competitive and creative. If you have any questions or want to discuss ideas, please feel free to contact us.