Welcome to Wealth Matters Consulting’s 3 Minute Marketer series – your quick guide to mastering wealth management marketing and communications. Get key insights in under three minutes as we explore critical topics for busy wealth managers. Our CEO and founder, Rosemary Denney, shares valuable tips on marketing, business development, communications, brand building, growth and media exposure. With decades of experience working with top firms, she offers practical resources to enhance client relationships and expand your business.

In this video, Rosemary shares one of the most common questions from clients – how to incorporate video content into your marketing strategy. To help simplify the process, she created this short five-step list to help you get started:

1. Identify your ideal client profile and target audience.

2. Determine the challenges and questions frequently encountered by your ideal client to guide your video content.

3. Decide on the length and filming location for your videos.

4. Choose the type of video format that feels most natural and is feasible for you to produce.

5. Create an editorial calendar to schedule topics and establish a regular release cadence for your videos.

As always, if you have any questions about incorporating video into your marketing strategy, contact our experienced team at Wealth Matters Consulting.