We create brands, sometimes from scratch, and build their message one piece at a time.


Brand Identity

Creating the language you use to set your firm apart is the most important step. Your brand is the sum of customers’ complete experiences with you across all touch points. It’s the holistic experience your client has with your product, your content and your employees. It’s the reason they choose you over your competitors.

We define your message, create materials to reflect your language and integrate all of your collateral and company material.

Creative – This includes helping you develop phrases, themes, images, web design and language used to set your identity apart.

Corporate Identity Package – This includes logos, letterhead, pitch books, web design, or any other material that helps present a strong brand.

Marketing Collateral – Brochures, web copy writing, white papers, visual aids, sales scripts, or any other media used to support your brand.


Marketing Channels

We find and manage the various channels of communication that are available, including staying current on the latest platforms, so that your brand remains present and consistently reaches your audience.

Web – This includes maintaining your website, blogs, email campaigns and any other necessary online channels.

Social Media – Keeping your content relevant and timely on a variety of platforms including, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Traditional Media – Developing content for mail campaigns, print, trade journals, radio and newspaper.

Industry Conferences – We seek out and maintain a substantial list of conferences, globally, so that you never miss an opportunity to connect with your peers.

Industry Memberships and Sponsorship – We help you connect to organizations and networks that can endorse and support your branding, helping to position you as a thought leader.


Firm Communication

Communication, both internal and external, should be strategic, planned and regular. We help you create an articulate, deliverable strategy so that you say what you need to say, when you need to say it, to the people you need to say it to.

External Firm Updates – Anything that needs to be made public, from a new business development, to a new hire or industry recognition.

Internal Employee Communications – Keeping your staff informed and updated, from tracking to follow-through, so that they have the right information at the right time.

Thought Leadership – Articulating your unique perspective on the industry so that you become an authority on relevant topics in your field.


Events can be one of the best ways to connect with potential clients or network with peers. We can help you with all the stages of event planning, from creating a concept to execution and follow-up, we are with you every step of the way.

Education – Helping you communicate your expert knowledge to the people who will benefit most.

Connecting Peers – Presenting at or attending industry conferences, online or in person, to any other engagement you might need assistance with.

Public Speaking – Developing the right text for the right audience is key to connecting to your peers and clients.


Press Outreach

We have established relationships with national and industry publications and reporters, and are always seeking out new publications and press channels. Many of our clients have received industry and national recognition for their work. We will manage outreach on your behalf.

Press Pitches – Thought leadership, industry accomplishments or any other relevant news that journalists need to know.

Relationship Building – Helping you connect to the press outlets and reporters that will write about you again and again.

Proactive Steady Outreach – Developing and pitching consistent content so the press knows who you are.


Marketing Plan

Firms that are successful in marketing start with a plan. We can help develop your firm’s plan from year to year, focusing on your achievable goals and how they can be reached. A good plan will also help you identify potential and evolving markets to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Cohesive Campaigns – A strong plan allows your people to share in the vision of the firm. It acts as a road map for the marketing activities of the firm.

Captured Thinking – If people leave, new people are hired, memory falters, or events pressure your firm into changing courses, the marketing plan helps you navigate complicated circumstances, and keeps your focus consistent.

Top-Level Reflection – Long-term thinking is critical to success. A good plan should be an objective view of business growth, and long-term goals that can be forgotten in the day-to-day needs of the firm.